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Burrowes Building Renovation

Burrowes Building, the historic home of the Penn State English Department, is undergoing a complete renovation. Until construction is finished, English Department members and their offices will be housed in three locations:

  • Department administrators and staff will be located on-campus in Ritenour Building
  • Faculty and grad students will be in two buildings in downtown State College:
      • 224 S. Allen Street
      • 315 S. Allen Street in the Allenway Building


Ritenour Building Departmental Directory

Department Head                                       Mark Morrisson, Rm 107

Dept Head Admin Assistant                      Karen Davis, Rm 105

Associate Dept Head                                  Bob Burkholder, Rm 130A

Assoc Head Admin Assistant                     Amy Barone, Rm 105

Administrative Assistant                            Kim Keller, Rm 105A

Events & Facilities Staff Asst                      Rm 108

Duplicating Office Staff Asst                     Kim Johnson, Rm 130

Planning Specialist                                      Padma Patil, Rm 130

Undergraduate Studies Director              Scott Smith, Rm 143

UG Studies Staff Assistant                          Stephanie Cramer, Rm 130

Graduate Studies Director                         Garrett Sullivan, Rm 108A

Graduate Studies Staff Asst                       Cheryl Mohr, Rm 108

MA Director & Intership Coord                 Liz Jenkins, Rm 137

Director, Program in Writing & Rhetoric      Cheryl Glenn, Rm 142

Associate Director, Program in
Writing and Rhetoric                                 Gregg Rogers, Rm 138

Program in Writing &
Rhetoric Staff Asst                                    Lynn Setzler, Rm 130

Director of Creative Writing                    Charlotte Holmes, Rm 141

Asst Director of Creative Writing             Alison Jaenicke, Rm 128

Director of Digital Education                    Stuart Selber, Rm 139

Digital Media Technology                          Dan Tripp, Rm 140

Honors Advisors                                           Lisa Sternlieb & Marcy North, Rm 128

Undergraduate Advising                             Tracey Melnick, Rm 144


Ritenour Building, Liberal Arts Finance Office

Finance Office Supervisor                          Wendy Shaffer, Rm 129

Finance Office Assistants                           Sharissa Feasler & Laurie Meyer, Rm 129


Other English Department Locations

Department MAILROOM                                                                        Rm 136

Department CONFERENCE ROOM                                                        Rm 109

Department MEDIA ROOM                                                                     Rm 138A