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Dillon Heyck

Dillon Heyck

Graduate Assistant

003 Burrowes Building

Mailroom: 430 Burrowes Building

State College , PA 16803

Office Hours:

  • Spring 2020: Tues. 10:25-2


  1. BA in English, Rutgers University 2018

Professional Bio

Dillon Heyck is interested in researching eighteenth-century fiction with a focus on science studies. His research seeks to examine the "rise of the novel" and the rise of organized, empiricist science, both of which began in the late-seventeenth/early-eighteenth-centuries. Assessing the synchronic relation between these two early disciplines may establish an interdisciplinary common ground and/or clarify the separateness of one body of knowledge from another. To reach these conclusions, his method intends to use science, empiricism, and theories on subject-object relations as models for thinking through both fiction and fictionality. The results of this application will hopefully arrive at a developed understanding of the categorizational logic that regards the novel as ontologically remote from scientific practice.

"Nullius in verba" ("Take nobody's word alone") - motto of The Royal Society from 1660 to now

Areas of Specialization

18th-century British Literature
The British novel
Book History and Textual Studies
Print history, advances in print technologies