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Race and Ethnicity Studies

People specializing in this area

Graduate Faculty

W. Oliver Baker

Black Studies, Indigenous Studies, Critical Ethnic Studies

Carla J. Mulford

Early African American studies, Native American Studies, Asian American studies.  Dissertations directed in these fields include those by Mathew RudeWalker, Youngsuk Chae, Cedrick May, Elizabeth Archuleta, Amy E. Winans, and Rochelle Zuck.

Aldon Lynn Nielsen

critical theories of race and ethnicity; comparative US literatures; Latin American literature; have taught African American, Asian American, Native American and Latino literature courses.

Benjamin Schreier

Jewish and Jewish American literature and culture; Theory of identity and identification; Ethnic and identitarian legibility; American ethnic literature; New York Intellectuals; National and nationalist discourse; Metropolitanism and Cosmopolitanism; Habits of thought and recognition; Aesthetics