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Visual Culture

Faculty at Penn State participate actively in the burgeoning field of Visual Culture. Our faculty engage issues of the relationship between texts and images in every historical field, from the medieval to the contemporary. The detailed list of areas of faculty specialization below demonstrates the richness of the department’s resources in historical fields, as well as our interest in graphic novels, digital media, film, and other popular media.

Recent Courses Involving Visual Culture

Authors and Artists
The Bloomsbury Group
Foundations of Science Studies
Introduction to Visual Culture
Graphic Fiction
Graphic Fiction, Illness, and Disability
Life in Pictures: the Graphic Novel

Literature, Medicine, and Culture
Literatures and Cultures of HIV/AIDS
Media Theory and Literature
Milton; Literature and the English Revolution
Victorian Poetry in Sight and Sound
Virginia Woolf

People specializing in this area

Emeritus Faculty

Linda Furgerson Selzer, Ph.D.

Political cartoons and artists’ representations of race

Susan Merrill Squier, Ph.D.

Medical imaging, scientific illustration and digital visualization technologies, agricultural breed illustration, fashion photography, feminist visual culture, graphic novels, cartoons, visual representations of disability: these are all areas in which I am involved in the field of visual culture.  My current book project examines the connections between a specific visual biological model and the realms of comics, landscape architecture, and bio-art and new media.