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Theodore Chelis

Theodore Chelis

Research Assistant

Composition Instructor

Writing Tutor

Office: 201 Burrowes Building
Mailbox: 430 Burrowes Building

University Park , PA 16802

Office Hours:

  • SPRING 2017: M, 10-11:30, and T, 1-2:30


  1. Ph.D. Candidate, English, The Pennsylvania State University
  2. M.A., English, The Pennsylvania State University
  3. B.A., English and Political Science, University of Rochester

Professional Bio

I study late Middle English poetry and prose with an emphasis on the appropriation and redeployment of forms and genres by heterodox interest groups. I am also interested in the way the expansion of vernacular text production and consumption during the late fourteenth and early fifteenth centuries gave rise to new literacy communities. Much of my work to date has focused on the relationship between Wycliffite heretics and the ars praedicandi.

My research also focuses on the works of Chaucer and their reception during the Renaissance, Arthurian romance, and medieval drama.