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Ph.D.s Awarded in 2011

David Green, Howard University

Director: Keith Gilyard

Ersula Ore, Arizona State University

Director: Keith Gilyard

Andrew Pilsch, Texas A&M University

Director: Richard Doyle

Jeffrey Gonzalez, Montclaire State University

Director: Kit Hume

Ryan Croft, University of Wyoming (Visiting Faculty)

Director: Marcy North

Julius Lobo, Loyola Blakefield High School

Directors: Robin Schulze & Mark Morrisson

Sarah Breckenridge Wright, Duquesne University

Director: Robert Edwards

Shawna Ross, Texas A&M University

Director: Janet Lyon

Brandy Scalise, University of Kentucky (Visiting Faculty)

Directors: Jack Selzer and Cheryl Glenn

Katherine Cleland, Virginia Tech University

Director: Patrick Cheney

Sean Moiles, Leggett School, PreK-12 / Private

Director: Kit Hume