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Student Comments

"By far the most amazing class I have ever taken."

“Excellent immersive experience and a wonderful time.”

“This class is both a fun and economical way to satisfy a plethora of requirements.”

“It was a fantastic experience of new culture, skills, and nature/wildlife.”

“South Carolina is amazing! The people encountered were so friendly and helpful, and the people I traveled with became real close to me. Everyone brought out the best in everyone! It was such a great personal experience. I feel physically and mentally stronger and prepared to handle anything!”

“I thought that this week in South Carolina was an eye-opening experience. In most classes that I take I learn a great deal of information but soon after forget most of it or never get a chance to use the information firsthand. With this trip, I found myself using everything I learned throughout the trip.”

“If I had the chance to take this class again I would do it in a heartbeat, and I am extremely sad to see it end. It allowed me to see the beach in a new way, one that I had never seen before and I will never forget it.”

“It’s a great experience that’s fun and lets you apply the information you learn and experience it firsthand.”

“It’s by far the best class I’ve taken yet.”

“The class is great experience that we should take while we have the opportunity.”

“It was the greatest experience of my life and the most life-changing.”

“I loved this class.”

“This class was really fun and educational, and a great way to take gen eds.”

“I felt like I was better prepared for the sites we visited and had a better feeling for the place. It was really cool visiting places we had talked about in class.”

“It was a unique college experience that you cannot find in other classes.”

“Without the classwork, I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate South Carolina as much as I did. I had a strong feeling of ‘place’ due to the reading.”