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Student Comments

Student Responses to the Wilderness Literature Field Institute, June 2011

“I have never had such an amazing experience in a class such as this, and I have never gotten to know my entire class so intimately. I am leaving with so many memories, stories, and experiences.”

“The class material made me think about looking at wilderness in a different way. Some of the essays and poems I didn’t understand but they still made me think.”

“I would definitely recommend this program to a friend because it is such a unique and rewarding experience.”

“I think the classroom work helped to broaden my appreciation for the various activities. It gave me something more to think about than just the simple activities.”

“I don’t want to go so far as to say this class changed my life, but I feel much different afterwards. Being out there on the trail gave me a freedom I have never felt before and I can’t wait to continue backpacking.”

“It’s hard to put into words my thoughts about the Wilderness Literature Field Institute. I can tell you right now that no class has given me the close relationship I have with my classmates. The class is like a lesson in maturity and social relationships.”

“I really enjoyed everything about this class.”

“All of the readings were relatable to the day’s activity and I could always reference them throughout the activity.”

“Very rewarding experience on many levels.”

“The experience exceeded my expectations. Great combo of work and fun with great people.”

“After I lost myself — my old self of deadlines and time crunches, obligations and stress — I found a new self, a deep-thinking, reflective, and almost transcendental self.”

“I will always remember to slow down in life and not to let everyday routines get in the way of my life goals and dreams. I could have easily went through this class without gaining a new friend, but the wilderness has a way of putting things in perspective.”

“It was an amazing experience that has inspired me to do more reading, writing, and outdoorsing.”