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BookTrib’s Emerging Writers Fellowship Program

There is a growing demand for talented writers in the workplace. The BookTrib Emerging Writers Fellowship Program is an exciting paid opportunity for new writers to hone their skills and prepare for a career in journalism, publishing, marketing, public relations or any other profession that values good writing.

What is the Fellowship?

The Fellowship is a paid eight-week program where future writers will:

  • Develop marketable writing, editorial and public relations skills.
  • Be mentored by the BookTrib staff and published authors.
  • Learn the process of becoming a published writer and grow as an integral part of BookTrib’s team.
  • Learn how to promote themselves on social media and engage with an audience.
  • Build a professional network of contacts in the literary marketplace.

How does it work?

Fellows apply on the BookTrib website with a resume and brief writing sample, preferably a short story they’ve written. Admission is on a rolling basis. Once accepted, Fellows will be expected to commit to the full, eight-week program. There is also potential for additional opportunities with

What will a Fellow do?

Fellows will do the following over the eight weeks:

  • Write two book reviews to be published on – one assigned by our editors.
  • Write two author interviews to be published on – one assigned by our editors.
  • Meet with our editors once a month via Skype for mentoring.
  • Pitch the books and/or ideas they are planning to write about.
  • Promote their published articles via their own social media.

The writers will be paid upon completion of the program. There may be additional opportunities for Fellows with a unique skill set to assist on