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Transfer Student Advising

Change-of-Location Students (from other Penn State locations)

Change-of-location students accepted into the English major at University Park are advised by the adviser at their current location until they arrive on campus. If students have advising questions or concerns prior to their arrival, they may email Julianna Chaszar at for assistance.

Transfer Students (from other institutions)

Transfer students admitted to the English major are contacted by the English adviser after their credits have been evaluated towards their degree requirements.  NOTE:  This doesn’t happen until AFTER students accept the offer of admission, pay the acceptance fee, and transfer their credits from any previous institutions attended. You may be asked for syllabi if credits are evaluated as general credits rather than as direct equivalents of Penn State courses, so please keep information from your previous courses.

If you want to get an idea about how your credits might transfer prior to accepting your offer, you may use the transfer credit tool at

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