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Early British Literature Cluster

Early British Literature covers a millennium of writing in English, from the early medieval period through the eighteenth century. British literature becomes a significant cultural and imaginative force with the rise of vernacular literatures in the medieval and early modern fields. The key works and authors remain points of reference not just in later periods of British literature, but also for American and post-colonial writers. Early British writers developed an array of forms (poetry, prose, drama) and genres (narrative verse, epic, allegory, lyric poetry, historical writing, sermon, dramatic tragedy, satire, the novel, and more) that provided the foundations for English literature.

Possible courses for the Early British Literature cluster:

ENGL 221 British Literature to 1798

ENGL 405 Taking Shakespeare from Page to Stage

ENGL 407 History of the English Language

ENGL 440 Studies in Shakespeare

ENGL 441 Chaucer

ENGL 442 English Medieval Literature

ENGL 443 The English Renaissance

ENGL 444 Shakespeare

ENGL 445 Shakespeare’s Contemporaries

ENGL 446 Milton

ENGL 447 The Restoration and the Eighteenth Century

ENGL 478 The English Novel to Jane Austen

The following courses may qualify for the Early British literature, depending on their content:

ENGL 301M Honors Seminar in English: Literature before 1800

ENGL 400 Authors, Texts, Contexts

ENGL 401 Studies in Genre

ENGL 445 Topics in British Literature

ENGL 297 Special Topics

ENGL 397 Special Topics

ENGL 497 Special Topics

ENGL 487W: Senior Seminar