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The Penn State English major now offers concentrations in four subject areas:

Literary and Cultural Studies
Creative Writing
Professional and Media Writing
Rhetoric and Writing

English majors are not required to select a concentration, but they are strongly encouraged to do so.

To fulfill a concentration, a student must take at least four classes from the courses listed under an individual concentration. The four courses required for a concentration will also fulfill four of the five prescribed electives for the major. Additionally, future sections of ENGL 487W (Senior Seminar) will be matched to a concentration. Students are encouraged to choose a senior seminar from their selected concentration.

The concentrations envision a flexible major with the potential for focused individualized study. Selecting a concentration will provide a blueprint for choosing electives toward a more strategic course profile that targets post-degree goals. By fulfilling a concentration students can also build useful peer and faculty networks as they manage their degree requirements.

Upon graduation students can request a certificate for a completed concentration. Contact Stephanie Cramer at for additional information.

Students are encouraged to focus on a single concentration, and may receive certification in no more than two concentrations.

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