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Creative Writing

What is it?

Creative Writing blends the practical and the ideal as it gives you the space and challenge to explore and develop your creative talent. This concentration allows you to explore equally the different forms of creative writing – fiction, poetry, and nonfiction – or to focus primarily on one of them. You can also develop a specific, marketable focus in fact-based writing, choosing from courses in biography, science writing, article writing, and editing.

What are the benefits?

The Creative Writing concentration will hone your skills in both practical and creative forms by giving you instruction and intensive practice in writing. Students of creative writing bring to the workplace a nuanced and practical understanding of how to employ imaginative language: in print, online, in classrooms, and in a wide range of communication-based environments.

Relevant Courses

ENGL 209: Literary Journal Practicum
ENGL 212: Introduction to Fiction Writing
ENGL 412: Advanced Fiction Writing
ENGL 422: Fiction Workshop
ENGL 213: Introduction to Poetry Writing
ENGL 413: Advanced Poetry Writing
ENGL 423: Poetry Writing Workshop
ENGL 214: Introduction to Creative Nonfiction Writing
ENGL 215: Introduction to Article Writing
ENGL 414: Biographical Writing
ENGL 415: Advanced Nonfiction Writing
ENGL 416: Science Writing
ENGL 425: Nonfiction Workshop
ENGL 281: Television Script Writing
ENGL 304M: Honors Seminar: Creative Writing
ENGL 401W: Creative Writing Theory
ENGL 424: Creative Writing and the Natural World
ENGL 429: New Media and Literature
ENGL 435: American Short Story
ENGL 436: American Fiction since 1945
ENGL 437: The Poet in America
ENGL 439: American Nonfiction Prose
ENGL 486: World Novel in English
LA 495: Internship (3 credits only)

* NOTE: All 400-level Creative Writing workshops may be taken more than once for credit

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