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Professional and Media Writing

What is it?

The concentration in Professional and Media Writing attracts students who enjoy writing and editing; organizing, designing and visualizing information; researching new topics; and working with writing and communication technologies—and it provides excellent preparation for careers in (for example) technical and professional writing, editing, information design and management, and usability.

What are the benefits?

Students in this concentration can look forward to careers as effective communicators and information designers in a variety of workplace settings, including corporate, nonprofit, and government organizations. Professional and media writers plan, create, and evaluate multimodal documents, print and online, that help organizations solve problems and achieve goals. Professional and media writers produce websites, publications, reports, educational and training materials, marketing materials, grants, procedural and policy documents, and numerous other types of documents.

Relevant Courses

ENGL 209: Journal or Magazine Practicum
ENGL 210: The Process of Writing
ENGL 211: Introduction to Writing Studies
ENGL 215: Introduction to Article Writing
ENGL 229: Digital Studies
ENGL 265: Reading Nonfiction
ENGL 401: Studies in Genre
ENGL 414: Biographical Writing
ENGL 415: Advanced Nonfiction Writing
ENGL 416: Science Writing
ENGL 417: The Editorial Process
ENGL 418: Advanced Technical Writing and Editing
ENGL 419: Advanced Business Writing
ENGL 420: Writing for the Web
ENGL 421: Advanced Expository Writing
ENGL 425: Nonfiction Workshop
ENGL 470: Rhetorical Theory and Practice
ENGL 471: Rhetorical Traditions
ENGL 472: Current Theories of Writing and Reading
ENGL 473: Rhetorical Approaches to Discourse
ENGL 474: Issues in Rhetoric and Composition
ENGL 478: Grant Writing
ENGL 479: Business or Technical Writing Practicum
ENGL 480: Communication Design for Writers
ENGL 491: The Capstone Course in Professional Writing
LA 495: Internship (3 credits only)

See an adviser if you want to earn both the Professional and Media Writing concentration and a minor in Technical Writing. If you select the right courses in Professional and Media Writing, you will only need two additional courses to earn the minor in Technical Writing.