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English 202B.012 Honors Registration

After reviewing the course website, PSU students who meet the registration requirements may request enrollment in English 202B.012 Honors for the upcoming Spring or Fall semester by filling in the form below and hitting the "Submit" button.

There is no waiting list, so be sure to submit your request only on or after your official registration date.

Also note that submitting this information does not guarantee registration. Your information will be verified and, assuming openings remain in the class, you will be enrolled. If the course is full, or if the information you provide is incomplete or inaccurate, your request will not be processed. All fields are required unless noted.

Please checkĀ e-Lion to confirm your registration. Assuming your registration request has been approved, English 202B.012 Honors will appear on your schedule within several business days.

Number of semesters you have completed
Select the term in which you'd like to enroll in this class
(English 202B.012 Honors is the honors version of English 202B. For students enrolled in the Schreyer's Honors College, the course will meet the graduation requirement regardless of major. Students enrolled in other colleges should speak to their academic advisors before submitting this form.)
I am fully prepared to assume these responsibilities.
I will complete and submit the appropriate form to register for English 495 during the first class meeting. (Please note that, as a student enrolled in English 202B.012 Honors, you will be required to tutor an adult learner whether or not you register for internship credits. No additional class meetings will be required for English 495.)