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The English Major Prior to Fall 2015

The English major consists of twelve courses (36 credits), seven of which are either prescribed or must be drawn from a particular group of courses:

  • English 200 (Introduction to Critical Reading)examines the questions we ask of all literary works.  Some students feel better prepared for this course after they have taken one or two literature classes.
  • English 201 (What is Literature)—explores the long-contested question “What is literature?” by inquiring into the nature of literary discourse as illustrated by narrative fiction, lyric poetry, and drama.
  • English 221 (British Literature to 1798)examines how literary themes and forms evolved during the one thousand years of English literature before 1798.  This course provides an understanding of how literature changes and adapts to new historical circumstances.
  • English 222, 231, 232, or 235these courses examine British and/or American literature written in a specific historical period.  Choose one from this group.
  • English 300-/400-level pre-1800 literature
  • English 300-/400-level post-1800 race, gender, ethnic, minority, and postcolonial literature
  • English 487W, Senior SeminarTaken during your seventh or eighth semester, each Senior Seminar section has a maximum enrollment of 20 students to foster intense and invigorating discussion.  Seminar topics or themes have included Elizabethan love poetry, autobiographical writings, Victorian detective fiction, and Fitzgerald and Hemingway, to name just a few.  Please note:  English 487W is offered during Fall and Spring semesters only; it is not offered during the Summer Session.
  • The five English additional courses (fifteen credits) can be taken in one of two ways.  You can take a variety of courses that appeal to you but are not necessarily related, or you can focus your electives in a defined emphasis or in a personalized program of study.  At least nine credits of the fifteen credits must be taken at the 300/400 level.

All major courses must be completed with at least a grade of C or better.

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