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Emma Baer-Simon

Emma Baer-Simon

Graduate Student
Graduate Teaching Assitant
Preferred Pronouns: she/they
003A, Burrowes
Mailroom: 430 Burrowes Building

Mailroom: 430 Burrowes Building

Summer 2022 Office Hours

Virtual and in person (003A Burrowes) Monday 9-10 Wednesday 1-2 Thursday 10:30-11:30 Click this link for virtual office hours or email me to schedule an appointment!


Trinity College Dublin, BA Classical Civilization and English Literature

Professional Bio

Research Interests: Middle English Literature, Classical Reception, Comparative Mythology, Fantasy literature, Arthurian Literature, Jewish Studies.

As a fantasy writer myself, I am specifically interested in studying the function of different mythologies to create fantasy settings in Medieval texts. I want to examine Medieval World-building processes and inspect how they can be translated to present day construction of fantasy worlds. I am also interested in studying the depiction of Jewish subjects in Medieval Literature, and Medieval Antisemitism and again, how these depictions have survived into Fantasy Media.