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Liana K Glew

Liana K Glew

English Graduate Assistant
203 Burrowes Building, Cubicle D
Mailroom: 430 Burrowes Building

Mailroom: 430 Burrowes Building

Summer 2022 Office Hours

SPRING 2022: Mondays 1-2:30 and Thursdays 11-12:30, or by appointment. Zoom meeting room:

Curriculum Vitae

Professional Bio

Liana Glew studies American literature, disability, and psychiatric history. She defended her dissertation, Ravings: Reading, Writing, and Psychiatry in the American Asylum, in February 2022. Her work brings together fiction, memoirs, paperwork, and archival patient writing to examine the role of psychiatric patient in the cultural imagination. Ultimately, she aims to develop reading practices that honor patient agency and center patient experience; to do so, she draws on scholarship in Disability Studies, Narrative Bioethics, and Medical Humanities.

She was awarded the 2021 Early Career Essay Prize at the History of the Human Sciences Journal for her essay "Documenting Insanity: Paperwork and patient narratives in psychiatric history." Her work has been featured in J19, The Revolution Relaunch, and the C19 Podcast: