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New Global English Course for Multilingual Students to Run this Fall

New Global English Course for Multilingual Students to Run this Fall

Engl 015.110 Global English schedule #483664 T R 1:00-2:15 144 Fenske Bldg.  Contact 814-863-0258

Designed as a pilot research experiment, this class is catered primarily towards multilingual students (e.g. multilingual domestic students, international students whose first language is not English, and students with an international background etc.). Considering the student demographic, the class is going to be developed around the theme of “The Globalization of English.” For your information, here is a brief course description,

The Globalization of English is an academic reading and writing course for multilingual students, especially those who are not native speakers of English or who consider English to be their weaker language. This course is structured around fundamental rhetorical concepts derived from Aristotle. Meanwhile, it emphasizes reading comprehension strategies for reading a variety of text types in English (e.g. textbook chapters, popular press arguments, interview transcripts, and academic journal articles). The reading materials have been selected to help students view the globalization of English more critically. Throughout the semester, students will use these sources to produce five academic genres: literacy autobiography, critical summary, annotated bibliography, synthesis argument, and proposal argument—always in consideration of rhetorical principles. All the assignments feature students’ individual understanding of English becoming a global phenomenon. The course introduces students to readers’ expectations for North American rhetorical style at the sentence, paragraph, and whole text or genre levels. Within the course, we will discuss genre and linguistic norms for writing in academic English so that writers can connect with their readers.

If interested please contact 814-863-0258 to be added to the class.