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Alex Sibo

Alex Sibo

PhD Candidate
English Graduate Assistant
203 Burrowes Building
Mailroom: 430 Burrowes Building

Mailroom: 430 Burrowes Building

Summer 2022 Office Hours

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M.A. Pennsylvania State University (2017)
B.A. University of Michigan-Dearborn (2015)
Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University (2022)

Professional Bio

I am a seventh-year PhD candidate with a research agenda that focuses on pedagogy across the field of English Studies. My main areas of interest are online writing instruction, eighteenth- and nineteenth-century literature, and composition. My primary research methodologies include marxist-feminisms, ideology, disability theory, and some critical literacy.

My dissertation focuses on how Mary Wollstonecraft conceived of education as an evolving, lifelong project and the ways in which all of her writings are pedagogical in nature. Through an analysis of the aesthetics and ideologies of Wollstonecraft's work with various genres, I demonstrate that she sought to educate the men, women, and children readers of her works about the material and gendered issues of British life. The upshot of this project is to articulate how both literary and composition perspectives can enrich the teaching of English texts in the twenty-first century.

In addition to my research, I teach English 15: Rhetoric and Composition, English 202C: Technical Writing, and English 418: Advanced Technical Writing and Editing for both Pennsylvania State University Park and the World Campus. In 2018 I won the inaugural Online Teaching Excellence Award from the Department of English. I am currently completing the Teaching with Technology Certificate, offered through the College of Liberal Arts. My teaching innovation for this project involves the use of "micro-cohorts," or small discussion groups, as a means of fostering social presence and discourse communities to ensure students successfully meet course objectives.

I have also upheld a number of service commitments to the department and the university. From 2016-2018, I was a staff assistant for the Digital English Studio, where I helped design the current Program in Writing and Rhetoric website and the Disability Studies Minor website. I have also done web design work with Penn State's Filippelli Institute for e-Education and Outreach. As an officer with the English Graduate Organization, I have maintained the organization's website as Webmaster and organized several information sessions for graduate students as a PhD Representative.