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Kevin Bell

Kevin Bell

Associate Professor of English
(814) 865-2831
23 Burrowes Building
Mailroom: 430 Burrowes Building

Mailroom: 430 Burrowes Building

Kevin Bell

Fall 2023 Office Hours

On Sabbatical Leave, Fall 2023

Areas of Specialization

African American Literature and Language

Critical Theory and Cultural Studies; American Literature after 1900; Black American Literature and Film; Film Studies

American Literature After 1900

New York University, Ph.D, Comparative Literature 2000

Trans-Atlantic literary modernisms; Black American literature, film and music; critical theory; experimental traditions in film.

Author of Ashes Taken for Fire: Aesthetic Modernism and the Critique of Identity (University of Minnesota Press, 2007). He is working now on an interpretive study entitled Drift Velocities: the Aesthetic Curve of Radical Black Film and Literature.