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by Chris Thomas — Posted Oct 08, 2015 03:34 PM

The Department of English offers minors that students may use to supplement their majors and make themselves more marketable.  The Latina and Latino Studies minor, Rhetoric minor, Sexuality and Gender Studies minor, and Technical Writing minor all include English courses that may potentially count towards major requirements.

Available 18-credit minors:

English Minor

This minor allows students not majoring in English to select any combination of literature and/or writing courses to meet their needs. (ENGL 15, 30, and 202 do not count towards the minor.) Courses that help students improve their critical reading and writing skills are valuable regardless of students' future directions.

Please go to 130 Ritenour for additional information.

Disability Studies Minor

This interdisciplinary minor studies disability as a matter not only of individual physical or mental impairment, but also of social systems and cultural history. Disability Studies explores the many varieties of human embodiment and human consciousness, and examines the institutions, social practices, and built environments that have shaped those assumptions about human norms. (Required: ENGL 228 (Intro to DS in the Humanities); RHS 100 (Intro to Disability Culture); ENGL 496 capstone; plus 3 electives selected in consultation with the faculty director of the minor.)

Please go to 130 Ritenour for additional information.

Latina/o Studies Minor

This minor offers students across the University an opportunity to learn about the diverse histories, cultures, politics, migration patterns, and other aspects of Latina/o populations in the United States.  (Includes ENGL 226 and 426.)

Please go to the following website for additional information:

Rhetoric Minor

This minor provides students an opportunity to acquire special competence in the history, theory, and criticism of civic discourse and cultural practices. It combines courses from both the Department of English and the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences, from which students may learn about the nature and function of rhetoric in politics, the professions, the classroom, and the media.  (Includes ENGL 415, 416, 417, 420, 471, 472, 473, and 474.)

Please go to the following website for more information:

Sexuality and Gender Studies Minor

This minor addresses human sexuality and gender as they have been conceptualized and investigated by diverse disciplines:  humanities (including history and cultural studies), behavioral and social sciences, biological sciences, and visual and performance arts.  (Includes ENGL 225, 227, and 245.  "Special Topics" English courses may substitute with approval of the minor director when the topics are appropriate.)

Please go to the following website for more information:

Technical Writing Minor

This minor responds to the growing need in business, industry, and government for people who can communicate the results of technical work at a level of competence substantially above that usually found in beginning professionals.  (Includes ENGL 418, 415, 416, 417, 421, 470, 471, 473, 474, and 495.)

Please go to room 130 Ritenour for additional information.

You may view the specific requirements for each of these minors at:

Students may enroll in minors on eLion once they have been accepted in a major and completed at least 60 credits.

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