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Ethnic American Literatures and Cultures

Ethnic American Literatures and Cultures

Ethnic studies scholarship, multi-disciplinary in orientation, examines racial and cultural diversity and its impact in American literature, society, and media (including visual culture). We work from the assumption that understanding American life is enhanced by investigations into race and ethnicity, whether in a local or global context. Our courses are designed so that students can explore several of the ethnic groups in the United States, and our offerings address multiple concerns of African American, Asian American, Jewish American, Native American, Chicano/a and Latino/a peoples. Students might wish to examine one group particularly or to gain a better understanding of a range of different ethnic groups and their place in American culture.

Possible courses for the Ethnic American Literatures and Cultures Concentration:

  • ENGL 132: Intro to Jewish American Literature
  • ENGL 135: Alternative Voices
  • ENGL 139: Black American Literature
  • ENGL 226: Latino and Latina Border Theories
  • ENGL 235: African American Oral Folk Tradition
  • ENGL 404: Mapping Identity, Difference, and Place
  • ENGL 426: Chicano/Chicana Cultural Production
  • ENGL 427: Topics in Jewish American Literature
  • ENGL 428: Asian American Literatures
  • ENGL 431: Black American Writers
  • ENGL 461: Vernacular Roots of African American Literature
  • ENGL 462: Reading Black, Reading Feminist
  • ENGL 463: African American Autobiography
  • ENGL 466: African American Novel I
  • ENGL 467: African American Novel II
  • ENGL 468: African American Poetry
  • ENGL 469: Slavery and the Literary Imagination

Additional courses that might qualify for the Ethnic American Literatures and Cultures Concentration, depending on the content offered:

  • ENGL 268: American Drama
  • ENGL 301M: Honors Seminar in English
  • ENGL 400: Authors, Texts, Contexts
  • ENGL 401: Studies in Genre
  • ENGL 297: Special Topics
  • ENGL 397: Special Topics
  • ENGL 497: Special Topics
  • ENGL 487W: Senior Seminar