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FAQ for Double Majors

FAQ for Double Majors

How Many Credits are Required?

The English major requires 36 credits (6 prescribed courses and 6 supporting courses), but there is a possibility of “double counting” some of these credits towards general education, Bachelor of Arts, and major requirements.

How Can I Find Out How Many Credits I Would Need For a Concurrent Major?

The easiest way is to meet with the English adviser, Julianna Chaszar, so she can review your completed and remaining credits for both majors and determine what is needed for graduation; a minimum of 123 credits is required for a B.A. in English.

How Do I Get Started?

For information about adding English as a concurrent major, meet with Julianna Chaszar for an appointment. Appointments are scheduled at

She’ll review what credits are required and help you decide if English is a good complement to your major. If you are ready to declare a concurrent major, she will help you with the application.

What if My Current Major is a B.S. and I Want to Add a B.A. in English?

In addition to the 36 credits for the major, B.S. students must also complete the Bachelor of Arts requirements:

  • Foreign Language—must attain 12th credit level of proficiency
  • B.A. Knowledge Domains—must take nine credits in any combination of Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Arts, Foreign Languages, Natural Sciences, or Quantification (may not be taken in the area of the student’s primary major and may not count for major or general education requirements in the primary major)
  • Other Cultures—select three credits from approved list; may also count for major or general education requirement in the primary major where possible