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Adventure Literature

Adventure Literature

Adventure Literature courses combine the study of literature with outdoor adventures. Adventure Literature students not only read Thoreau, but like him they travel to the mountains, the river, or the seashore; they climb, hike, and kayak; and they write about their experiences. These courses provide an opportunity to learn, have fun, meet graduation requirements, and participate in long-running literary conversations about nature, wilderness, and American culture.

The programs in Adventure Literature innovatively synthesize work in the humanities with experiences in the wild through partnership with the College of Health and Human Development. With Penn State’s Adventure Literature Series, you can:

  • learn how wild places relate to literature, history, and philosophy
  • enjoy small, seminar-style classes and individual attention
  • build skills to foster independent outdoor exploration
  • earn up to 6 credits (which may fulfill GH, US, GHW, and Integrative Studies requirements)

For almost twenty years, Adventure Literature has offered students opportunities for authentic, applied learning in the humanities. For more information on Adventure Literature courses, contact the Undergraduate English Office at