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Summer in London

For one month each summer, students can live and study in the vibrant metropolis that inspired visionary writers from Shakespeare to Virginia Woolf. In this faculty-led English Department program, students will explore writings from early and modern authors that capture the comedy and tragedy of this magnificent city. London will be the students’ classroom, and the poems, novels, and plays of London’s authors will be their maps, leading them from Bloomsbury to the Globe Theatre, from the British Museum to the Poet’s Corner, and from Cheapside to Whitehall.

During the Summer 2024 program students will study crime, justice, magic, and creative writing, with trips to the Globe Theatre, the Sherlock Holmes Museum, Strawberry Hill House, the Tower of London, and the ancient Roman baths at Bath. Students will take ENGL 499A Crime and Justice in the City of London and ENGL 499B Writing the Power of Enchantment. This program is five weeks: June 6, 2024 to July 5, 2024. 

Apply by February 1. 

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