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Technical Writing Minor

by Chris Thomas — Posted Oct 02, 2015 01:53 PM

Professor in Charge:
Stuart Selber
139 Ritenour Building

This 18-credit minor provides all undergraduate students, regardless of college or major, the opportunity for concentrated work in technical writing.

The Minor in Technical Writing responds to the growing need in business, industry, and government for people who can communicate the results of technical work at a level of competence substantially above that usually found in beginning professionals. Indeed, industry and government leaders testify repeatedly that professional success depends both on excellent professional work and on the powerful communication of that work.

English majors may use the same courses to satisfy both the English major requirements and the minor requirements.

Requirements for the Minor: (18 credits)

Prescribed courses (3 credits): English 418

Additional Courses (12-15 credits*):
Students must take credits from each of the following three groups for a total of 12-15 credits:

Select 3-6 credits from:

  • ENGL 470, 471, 472, 473, 474
  • CAS 452, STS 407

Select 6-9 credits from:

  • ENGL 415, 416, 417, 421, 495

Select 3-6 credits from:

  • ART 270
  • GD 201
  • INSYS 412, 413, 441
  • PSY 444, 456
  • INSYS 412, 413, 441

Supporting Courses and Related Areas (0-3 credits)*:

Students may select a course at the 400-level in a technical or scientific area with the approval of the department.

*Some of the courses in this category may have prerequisites that are not included in the minor.

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